“Viking” Coat: Historically Adequate Norse Outerwear

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix finishes her historically adequate “Viking” coat project, and is wayyy too pleased with it and also herself. It’s honestly hard to know what a femenine Viking coat might have looked like: there’s very little archeological evidence that points in any direction. The best we can do is speculate. Come join me as I make a historically adequate, and entirely lovely, Viking coat.

DISCLAIMER: I, and this channel, categorically condemn the use of Viking imagery and symbolism to uphold racism, nationalism, and white supremacy. If that’s what you’re here looking for, move along, and don’t ever, EVER come back. We don’t tolerate Nazis in this house.

Straight and Narrow: Rolled Hems

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix makes (yet another) versatile feminine oval linen veil, along with a linen coif suitable for the masculine medievalist. I’ve taken the opportunity to walk you through the steps of two different rolled hem stitches for use on a much wider variety of things that just headgear. And I’m giving them away! To celebrate two of my subscriber milestones, I will be giving away both an Elizabethan embroidered pocket and both the veil and coif I made in this video. (Giveaway ends 11:59P EST 8/28/20, follow link for rules)

What the heck is a “Cyclas?” My One-Day (Medieval) Make

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix takes up the challenge to make a garment in Just One Day! In this case, it’s a Cyclas, an early 14th century sideless surcoat (you may remember me talking about them in last week’s CoCoVid capsule wardrobe video). Join me as I drink too much tea, struggle with my camera focus, pet my cat, and sew like there’s no tomorrow!

Thank you all again for ONE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS! Stick around for my next video where I’ll release the details of my DOUBLE-FEATURE SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY!

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Medieval Capsule Wardrobes: Strategically Building Your Closet (CoCoVid)

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix participates in her Very First Online Convention! And also talks about medieval clothing, consumerism and conspicuous consumption, rejects gender essentialism, and pets her cat. Again.

If you’re interested in how to put together a 14th century wardrobe that builds on basics and still allows for a myriad of coordinating outfit possibilities for both the masculine- and feminine-portraying reenactor, you’ve come to the right place!

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Modern Make: A Versatile Ruffled Linen Skirt

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix doesn’t actually make any historical clothing, but instead embarks on sewing a wonderfully modern, almost history bounding, absolutely hobbitcore ruffled linen midi-length skirt. Join me as I completely mess up my patterning, interrupt myself multiple times with additional information, and pet my cat a ridiculous amount.

ALSO, I announce some fantastic CoCoVid stuff, including a medieval capsule wardrobe video, a panel on historical costuming through a fantastical lens, several fun hashtag and ribbon-collecting games, and a dedicated one-weekend-only discord server!

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