Celtic Snake Cup Cover

As promised, here’s the other cup cover I’ve been working on. It wasn’t for the largess competition, so I wanted to post it separately. I had a cup cover that I was using, and two of the Queens (well the Queen and a former Queen) started play- fighting over it. So I gave it to one of them, and promised to make another for the ‘loser,’ too. And since then, I’ve tried to make pretty cup covers for all the Queens that have come. So this is the most recent. Her colors are gold, purple, and green, and her persona is something Celtic. Ish.

Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep Celtic knotwork cup cover

Scattered Embroidery News

I finished my smocked apron! It’s fantastically beautiful, and I love it. It’s really a perfect low-effort, high-impact object. It’s made of weaver’s cloth and DMC floss, so I’m not overly precious about getting it messy. It only took a yard, so the materials aren’t expensive. I made it in less than a week, working on it in the evenings, so the time investment isn’t very large either. And the smocking was totally easy. I’m seriously considering making some more to give out as largesse.

Finished smocked apron.

I went to the Austin Stitchery Guild’s event, Stitchin’ Happy,¬†with a friend. I got this adorably macabre needle keeper there. I totally want to make my own now; it’s terribly useful.

Picked up a needle keeper at a needlework show on Sunday.

And I started work on a new pretty project. It’s the latest in my attempt to give all the Queens of Ansteorra a pretty cup-cover.

New portable embroidery project.


Embroidered Patch

So, I said earlier that I’ve been doing a bunch of reenactment stuff lately. In the interests of posting some of that stuff too, I give you my first real embroidery project. Okay, at least my first project that it 100% covered in stitches.

Embroidered Patch

It was going to be a pouch decoration, but when I made the pouch, I discovered I didn’t much like the way it was put together. So I’m going to cut it off and use it as a patch on a properly-put-together-pouch. Probably for Nick, if he wants it.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with it. I did the outlines first, then the medallions. I had a problem with stitch tension and number of stitches per inch, which resulted in the puckering of the medallions. But for a first attempt? I’m pretty pleased with it.

Embroidered Patch

A foreshortened view of an almost-complete patch that shows some of what I was talking about with the puckering. I think I’ve figured out how and why that happens, though, so as to avoid it in the future. I’m working on embroidering the neckline of Nick’s orange tunic in similar colors. I’ll post some pictures of it later.