I divide my documentation into two different categories, simple and complex. The simple ones are for competitions that don’t require as in-depth a paper as say, a championship competition. Complex documentation is meticulously researched and is usually presented at a championship or Kingdom-level competition.

Simple documentation

Modeling my London Hood
London Hood (2012)


Complex Documentation

Medieval Egyptian Stockings
Egyptian Stockings (2012)

One thought on “Documentation

  1. Hello Courtney, greetings from Norway, i trust the pandemia finds you safe and well.

    I run into your website and am very impressed by your wide scope of interests and knowledge. WOW.

    Congratulations. I found no email addresses so using this message window. Please feel free to erase and to comment directly to my mail.

    I am working on an art project related to tailoring and sewing in Viking era Scandinavia but am myself totally and miserably ignorant (but not unappreciative) on the art of sewing and stiching…

    I am sure you are familiar with sewing, stitching techniques, desigs and patterns which peculiar and even unique to Scandinavia and to the Viking period..

    Would you suggest any which can be reproduced in sewing machines ? Leather would be used…

    Any ideas ?

    Many thanks in advance for giving me a couple of minutes of your time…

    Best wishes


    PSD. Pls notice our web page is down under construction…

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