Making an Edwardian Skirt (and Bustle Pad!)

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix makes (yet another) Edwardian Walking Skirt! Welcome back to the land of sewing. I don’t know about you, but the thing I really needed for my witchy, Victoir-edwardian history bounding wardrobe is a basic walking skirt. And since I just happened to have some heavy-weight linen laying around…. Here we are!

CAPE CULT: Making an American Duchess Cape

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix joins a cult! A cape cult. Okay, I’m making the American Duchess Cape, in keeping with my penchant for jumping on bandwagons 6-24 months after the trend has, uh, stopped trending. It was a fun and relatively easy make, for all that I’m not the size of a museum mannequin. Join me while I make something luxurious and indulgent for my birthday month!

Lucet Cords (three and a half ways!)

Tutorial Time-Stamps
Basic Cord (turned): 00:03:18
Basic Cord (wrapped): 00:05:19
Beaded Cord: 00:08:35
Two-Color Flat Cord: 00:17:00
Two Color Round Cord: 00:25:45

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix walks through how to make lucet cords a few different ways. I’ll cover making the basic cord (both turning the lucet and keeping it stable), making a beaded cord, and two different ways to make two-color cords.

My apologies for the weird sound issues, sometimes YouTube decides to mess with background/voice-over levels and unfortunately there’s not much I can do when that happens. If you have sensory processing issues I highly recommend availing yourself of the closed captioning for this vid.

“Viking” Coat: Historically Adequate Norse Outerwear

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix finishes her historically adequate “Viking” coat project, and is wayyy too pleased with it and also herself. It’s honestly hard to know what a femenine Viking coat might have looked like: there’s very little archeological evidence that points in any direction. The best we can do is speculate. Come join me as I make a historically adequate, and entirely lovely, Viking coat.

DISCLAIMER: I, and this channel, categorically condemn the use of Viking imagery and symbolism to uphold racism, nationalism, and white supremacy. If that’s what you’re here looking for, move along, and don’t ever, EVER come back. We don’t tolerate Nazis in this house.

Tudor Witch: A Historically Inspired Halloween Costume

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix drops the video a day late (but on Halloween!) and unleashed her (not-so) inner Goth just in time for the holiday. This video also is a documentation of the creation of my entry for Mathew Gnagy’s Spooky Historically-Inspired Costume Contest. Come join me and see what works, what doesn’t, and seriously get a cup of something warm because the photoshoot was FREEZING.

REFORM! A 1910s artistic reform dress for the #reformdresschallenge

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix makes an artistic? aesthetic? REFORM dress in response to Juul and Fanny’s #ReformDressChallenge, using a fairly difficult fabric, and spending WAY too much time on the embroidery portion. I really enjoyed creating such a wonderfully simply shaped garment and am looking forward to making some more dresses along these same lines.

Rainy-Day Mending (an AESTHETIC journey)

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix takes advantage of the all too infrequent rains of eastern central Texas to bundle up in a jumper (after turning up the aircon; just cause it’s rainy doesn’t mean it’s COLD), drink WAY too much tea, and dive into the mending basket that she’s been ignoring for over a year.

This is a bit of a stylistic departure for me, I don’t often make no-commentary videos, but I really just wanted a video with music and rain (so much rain) this time. Feel free to grab a cuppa and join me in some wonderfully hygge vibes, and jump into your own mending pile with me and the rain for company.