Lucet Cords (three and a half ways!)

Tutorial Time-Stamps
Basic Cord (turned): 00:03:18
Basic Cord (wrapped): 00:05:19
Beaded Cord: 00:08:35
Two-Color Flat Cord: 00:17:00
Two Color Round Cord: 00:25:45

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatirix walks through how to make lucet cords a few different ways. I’ll cover making the basic cord (both turning the lucet and keeping it stable), making a beaded cord, and two different ways to make two-color cords.

My apologies for the weird sound issues, sometimes YouTube decides to mess with background/voice-over levels and unfortunately there’s not much I can do when that happens. If you have sensory processing issues I highly recommend availing yourself of the closed captioning for this vid.

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