Modern Make: A Versatile Ruffled Linen Skirt

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix doesn’t actually make any historical clothing, but instead embarks on sewing a wonderfully modern, almost history bounding, absolutely hobbitcore ruffled linen midi-length skirt. Join me as I completely mess up my patterning, interrupt myself multiple times with additional information, and pet my cat a ridiculous amount.

ALSO, I announce some fantastic CoCoVid stuff, including a medieval capsule wardrobe video, a panel on historical costuming through a fantastical lens, several fun hashtag and ribbon-collecting games, and a dedicated one-weekend-only discord server!

Twinings tea:…
CoCoVid badge game (on Instagram): #CoCoVidBadges
Daisy Viktoria:…
Cosplay Sewing School:…

Costube Guide IG: @costubeguide

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