Guild Hopping: Leatherworkers #484

I try to make it out to a new guild meeting every month. When the Leatherworkers Guild started meeting again, I jumped at the chance to attend.
Leather Guild


I wasn’t the only one, either. There were six or seven new people in attendance, and we all went around the room and discussed what we wanted to make.

Leather GuildLeather GuildLeather Guild


There were lots of beautiful examples of past guild projects, from scabbards to cups, to costless (that corked jug in the background).

Leather Guild


Giovanni and his cotrel.

Leather GuildLeather Guild


Dietrich’s leatherworking toolchest.

Leather Guild


A couple shots of all the pretty drinking vessels.

Leather GuildLeather GuildLeather GuildLeather Guild


And ReneĆ© made from-scratch mojitos. They were soooo good. I can’t say that leatherworking is on my short-list of things I’m frothing at the mouth to do on a regular basis, but the meeting was a ton of fun, and I had a good time working on my project (a scissors-case that i’ll post pictures of later) and hanging out with friends.

Leather Guild

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