Straight and Narrow: Rolled Hems

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix makes (yet another) versatile feminine oval linen veil, along with a linen coif suitable for the masculine medievalist. I’ve taken the opportunity to walk you through the steps of two different rolled hem stitches for use on a much wider variety of things that just headgear. And I’m giving them away! To celebrate two of my subscriber milestones, I will be giving away both an Elizabethan embroidered pocket and both the veil and coif I made in this video. (Giveaway ends 11:59P EST 8/28/20, follow link for rules)

What the heck is a “Cyclas?” My One-Day (Medieval) Make

IN WHICH our intrepid recreatrix takes up the challenge to make a garment in Just One Day! In this case, it’s a Cyclas, an early 14th century sideless surcoat (you may remember me talking about them in last week’s CoCoVid capsule wardrobe video). Join me as I drink too much tea, struggle with my camera focus, pet my cat, and sew like there’s no tomorrow!

Thank you all again for ONE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS! Stick around for my next video where I’ll release the details of my DOUBLE-FEATURE SUBSCRIBER GIVEAWAY!

Kirilee Cosplay:…
Katafalk Tutorial:…
August Uncommon Passage Tea:


Music by Epidemic Sound:
Way Way Back by Lvly, Megan Wofford
The Norman Kings by Bonnie Grace
Tudor by Bonnie Grace
Mural Legend by Adriel Fair
Highland Hymn by Bonnie Grace
Cat on the Loose by Tiki Tiki