Work-cation? Stay-cation? Leave of Absence?

I’m sorry I went AWOL last week. It wasn’t my intention, and it certainly wasn’t planned. I’ve been in the midst of making sure I have everything together for two SCA events that are a week apart. I’m entering the stockings I charted into both A&S competitions, and I have been running myself ragged trying to get them into some semblance of a finished state.

Which is hard when my first toe was shaped like this…

Egyptian Sock Trials

Embroidery Pattern: 6-point star

Six-pointed Star

Time for another embroidery pattern! This one is based on a purportedly Byzantine brooch design I came across during a long-ago Google image search. I have yet to find that picture again, or anything corroborating it’s provenance or authenticity. That said, it’s a pretty design! I modified it from the one I used on my cup cover.  As before, share if you like, with credit and a link back here. Enjoy!