Hellsgate Chivalric Scroll

Hellsgate Scroll

One of the things I really enjoy doing is making scrolls for the Barony. The Stronghold of Hellsgate is a satellite  group to Bryn Gwlad, north of us, but associated with us. They hold their own competitions to determine chivalric, rapier, and a&s champions. 
Hellsgate Scroll

This scroll is based on a Greek manuscript from the late 1500s. I used gold watercolor instead of leaf, because I don’t actually know how to do that yet (it’s on the agenda, though).

Hellsgate Scroll



I substituted a delicate Uncial for the Greek lettering, and added a sword, since this was for the Chivalric Champion.

Hellsgate Scroll

The gold does shine nicely, doesn’t it?
Hellsgate Scroll

Calligraph all the things!

I’ve been trying to do as much calligraphy and illumination as I can. One of the really awesome things about tournaments is that most of them require you to submit a letter of intent, stating that you want to fight. It’s a chance to shmooze the Royalty and to show off your (or your friend’s) talents. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am that friend. I did a letter for my friend Marie:


One for my friend René (I’m particularly proud of that initial ‘W’):



One for Nick (I still think that the shading looks a little chalky):

DSC00710.jpg DSC00712.jpg

And a last minute one for my friend Dena:

Queen's Champion prep

Queen's Champion prep

Oh, and I made the scroll for one of the awards for the Arts and Sciences competition (the one I didn’t win):

Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep

Completed Scroll(s)

The finished Bardic Champion scroll, complete with detail shots. Bardic Champion Award 2013 Bardic Champion Award 2013 Bardic Champion Award 2013 Bardic Champion Award 2013

And since there are several amazing people in our Barony, who were very kind and arranged to bring the Archery scroll I illuminated, I have pictures of that, too. 

Candlemas 2013 Candlemas 2013