Shields: Finished!

They’re done! And just in time, too. My lovely Baron and Baroness have decided to step down at Candlemas, in February, so I wanted to make sure that they cloaks were finished and wearable for our Yule celebration in December.
Well, that's the blue sorted.

I kind of forgot to take more incremental pictures of Avery’s shield. Oops. The blue is long and short stitch, the yellow is chain stitch, and the black background is a diamond shaped laid and couched stitch similar to (but more widely spaced than) Phelims’s shield. The ermine spots were stitched over the black to help hold the laid stitches in place.

Avery's device is finished! Woo hoo!

And all four shields, finished. I just got custody of the old cloaks, and am looking forward to making the new ones. They will be linen, so as not to be too hot in the Ansteorran weather.

All four finished baronial devices.

Myfanwy’s Device: Completed


And, a long overdue post about Myfanwy’s device. I finished it some time ago, but apparently forgot to post the final pictures. The first one here is with all the split stitch and couched background finished.
The red is finally done!


And here it is with the stem-stitch outline added. I’m particularly pleased with the iris.

Slogging along.

I’m still working on these. It’s kind of slow going cause I don’t have a dedicated embroidery space to keep my frame set up. It’s a little vexing. I’ve set myself the deadline of this weekend to get this one finished, because everyone is away at Gulf War this week. I want to have this one done so I can start on the next two as soon as Avery and Gwenneth get back and I can get their devices from them. The couching lines look a bit wobbly, and I’m not terribly pleased with that, but I don’t think the cloak it’ll be on will be worn very often, and it will be one of many patches on the cape. So I’m not stressing out too much.



Baronial Shields: Phelim

I’m a quarter of the way done with the Baronial Coats of Arms. This one belongs to Phelim, the current Baron of Bryn Gwlad. His shield is amazingly simple and graphic, with translates well to a battlefield banner. I was afraid, however, of the large spaces being boring when translated to needlework. I elected to do a couple things to try to mitigate that.

Pug's Arms

The goblet is worked in split stitch, except for the hint of the inner rim which is satin stitch. I stitched the outer bell in a curve to simulate the roundness of the cup. The stem and foot are worked in a vertical-ish manner, for contrast. The background quarters are a modified Lattice Work stitch. The main difference between what Mary shows in her video and what I did is that the anchoring stitches are worked parallel to the long satin background, not perpendicular to them.  I’m really pleased with the way it came out. Enough texture to be visually interesting, but not enough to take away from the intensely graphic nature of the design.

Pug's Arms

Next up: Myfanwy’s shield.

Pug's Arms