Progress on the Welsh Triskele cup cover. I’m split-stitching in a non-divisible spun silk thread,  which is a little chunkier than DMC Pearl Cotton 5. It’s a little more, uh, rustic looking than I had planned, due to the larger stitches, but I’m actually finding that I like the effect. You can also see the madder-colored thread much more clearly than on the last post. Incidentally, the title of the post if the welsh work for coral; I couldn’t fins a translation for madder. Welsh Triskele Cup Cover

Welsh Triskele Cup Cover

So, as the principle, or leader, of my Barony’s Fiber Arts Guild, I’ve been hosting a cup cover stitch-along, where I take everyone from choosing designs and fabric, on through to embroidery stitches and thread, to finishing techniques. And it occurred to me that I’ve been making and gifting cup covers to a lot of people lately, but I have none for myself. Gotta fix that.
For the cup-cover stitch-along.

Hellsgate Chivalric Scroll

Hellsgate Scroll

One of the things I really enjoy doing is making scrolls for the Barony. The Stronghold of Hellsgate is a satellite  group to Bryn Gwlad, north of us, but associated with us. They hold their own competitions to determine chivalric, rapier, and a&s champions. 
Hellsgate Scroll

This scroll is based on a Greek manuscript from the late 1500s. I used gold watercolor instead of leaf, because I don’t actually know how to do that yet (it’s on the agenda, though).

Hellsgate Scroll



I substituted a delicate Uncial for the Greek lettering, and added a sword, since this was for the Chivalric Champion.

Hellsgate Scroll

The gold does shine nicely, doesn’t it?
Hellsgate Scroll

Myfanwy’s Device: Completed


And, a long overdue post about Myfanwy’s device. I finished it some time ago, but apparently forgot to post the final pictures. The first one here is with all the split stitch and couched background finished.
The red is finally done!


And here it is with the stem-stitch outline added. I’m particularly pleased with the iris.

Gwenneth’s Device

Welcome to the new blog! I kept finding that my other, mundane one was getting cluttered and that I needed more space for Elen’s work to be shown, as well as having one central place where I can put my documentation and class handouts. The SCA-related posts I made on the Sycamore Grove blog will remain there, but I’ve migrated them here and cleaned up the categories and tags. It should be much easier and more specific, now.

I’ve made some more progress on Gwenneth’s device. I stitched the bowen knot (that loopy cross thing that’s also on Myfanwy’s device [have I really never posted finished pictures of that?!]) in chain stitch, and the background in long-and-short stitch. I liked the idea of the radial background pattern, and I didn’t want to interrupt it with a couched stitch.

Gwenneth's Device

Here you can see the top quadrant finished. I’m actually a little further along on it now; I’ve finished the knot, and started the left green quadrant. I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out.

First quadrant down.

And my thread storage system. It actually doesn’t hold much this way, just about two stitching lengths of floss. But it sure is pretty.

Gwenneth's Device