Calligraph all the things!

I’ve been trying to do as much calligraphy and illumination as I can. One of the really awesome things about tournaments is that most of them require you to submit a letter of intent, stating that you want to fight. It’s a chance to shmooze the Royalty and to show off your (or your friend’s) talents. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am that friend. I did a letter for my friend Marie:


One for my friend RenĂ© (I’m particularly proud of that initial ‘W’):



One for Nick (I still think that the shading looks a little chalky):

DSC00710.jpg DSC00712.jpg

And a last minute one for my friend Dena:

Queen's Champion prep

Queen's Champion prep

Oh, and I made the scroll for one of the awards for the Arts and Sciences competition (the one I didn’t win):

Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep Queen's Champion prep

Letters of Intent

Letters of intent for Nick’s rapier teacher and fellow student. Illumination and calligraphy by me. I did one for Nick, too, but neglected to take a picture of it. I’ll see if I can fine one that someone else took…



Edit: I found one I took to show Nick what it looked like (he was at work). Forgive my idiotic face, but it was the only decent-quality picture I could find.

Edmund's letter of intent