Beautiful Food

It’s shots like this that make me think of the Dutch Masters, and all the beautiful food they painted.
Riding Holly


And in other food-ish news, Edmund and I have decided to get together with our friends Cecilie and Oddketil and start experimenting with brewing. Our first batch of beers will be three one-gallon variations on a gruit, or herb-flavored, beer. Since hops didn’t get imported to England from Holland until 1420, this is right on the money for Cecilie and I. The boys are either later (Elizabethan for Edmund), or not from the Isle (Oddketil’s Norweigan).

 I’ve never had beer made without hops, and I’m really interested to see how it all turns out. Since hops has an anti-bacterial property that isn’t present in the herbs we used, it will have to be drunk relatively quickly. The plan is tentatively to hold a garbed dinner (with period-ish food, of course) and invite some friends to help drink it.

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