Progress on the Welsh Triskele cup cover. I’m split-stitching in a non-divisible spun silk thread, ¬†which is a little chunkier than DMC Pearl Cotton 5. It’s a little more, uh, rustic looking than I had planned, due to the larger stitches, but I’m actually finding that I like the effect. You can also see the madder-colored thread much more clearly than on the last post. Incidentally, the title of the post if the welsh work for coral; I couldn’t fins a translation for madder. Welsh Triskele Cup Cover

Welsh Triskele Cup Cover

So, as the principle, or leader, of my Barony’s Fiber Arts Guild, I’ve been hosting a cup cover stitch-along, where I take everyone from choosing designs and fabric, on through to embroidery stitches and thread, to finishing techniques. And it occurred to me that I’ve been making and gifting cup covers to a lot of people lately, but I have none for myself. Gotta fix that.
For the cup-cover stitch-along.