YouTube Debut!

I know it’s been SO LONG since I posted anything here. First, there was so much life that happened: elevation, and then a divorce, and then movingout, making a different relationship work, finding a job and figuring out how to be a single parent and still have enough time left to create enough to not go completely insane. If you fellow me over on Instagram (and you should! @OpusElenae ) you might know that I didn’t stop creating, and even stayed mostly sane.

Blogging, however, did fall by the wayside. I had enough bandwidth to MAKE things, but not enough to blog about making them. And then, in the last year or so, the historical sewing section of YouTube EXPLODED. And I got sucked in. I love watching Morgan Donner and Cathy Hay and Bernadette Banner, and I decided I wanted to try making some videos of my own.

In the last few years, my boyfriend Alden has been getting involved in a fantasy based LARP called Amtgard. I really love the people I’ve met there, even if the structure of the game itself isn’t quite my jam (and that is OKAY; I don’t need to absolutely love every single thing I try, and I really do absolutely love all the people I have met). So I decided to try making a little vlog of my time at an Amtgard event!

I’m really pleased with how it came out, and if you’re interested in watching videos (I have some How-Tos, Project Diaries, and more Vlogs planned), you can head over to the Opus Elenae YouTube channel and do all the things you’re supposed to do with YouTube channels: like, subscribe, hit the notification bell. And if you’re more of a text-and-image person, don’t worry: blogging is back on the horizon too.

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