It’s time for another Welsh lesson. Today’s word is “dychwelyd,” and it means return. As in: I’m back! I didn’t mean to take such a long break, and it hasn’t been because I haven’t been making things or going places. Rather it’s been because I’ve been too busy making and going to actually take the time out to blog!

I want to let everyone know that you can now find Opus Elenae on Facebook. I’ve gotten a lot of positive traffic there, and finally feel like i’m connecting to some kind of audience. I want to encourage any blog readers who may not yet have “liked” Opus Elenae on Facebook to do so. There is content there that doesn’t make it to the blog: quick updates and progress pictures.

When Opus Elenae gets 50 “likes” (at 29, we’re more than halfway there!), I’m going to hold a cup-cover giveaway through the Facebook page. The sooner it hits 50, the sooner you have a chance to own a hand-crafted cup cover, just like these, made by me!

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