Indigo Dyeing, take two

Remember my indigo dyeing adventure last time? And how it didn’t turn out so well for my cotton yarn? Well, after I got it all untangled, I decided to bite the bullet and dye it again. Of course my hands turned blue again…

Oh Loki-hands, I missed you.

But I got a darker yarn. Here you can see the difference in the first dye-bath blue (the tiny skein), and the second dye-bath blue (the large skeins).
Indigo yarn, second dyeing. I kept a sample from the first dyeing for comparison. It's probably even a bit darker than it shows here.

This picture is much more color accurate, and shows the blue and natural cottons next to each other. They look really beautiful and vibrant together. 
A better sense of the depth of the indigo. Next to the undyed yarn.

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