In which, the unexpected happens.

So, Candlemas happened. Those pretty patterned socks I was knitting? I entered them in our local Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion on Saturday. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the SCA, it’s similar to a county fair crafts competition. Sort of. There are judges who have a rubric for “grading” your project. Each project was judged by two judges (well, mine was judged by three; one alone and two in tandem) and given a score from 1-50.

Candlemas 2013

I tried not to eavesdrop, but they were there forever! I was trying to get a shot of my display.

Candlemas 2013

Oh, there. That’s better. And below, some of my samples. I thought it would be beneficial to share my swatches and my mistakes, as well as the second stocking in progress.

Candlemas 2013Candlemas 2013

So, after the judging happens, all the points are tallied, and averaged, and the winner is the one with the most points.

Candlemas 2013

Which, incidentally, was me.  Here I am, with my Award scroll (which is beautiful, and I’ll post pictures later), and my gift basket (full of period games), and Poppet is holding my lantern (is was Candlemas, after all). The medallion is my signifier of Championship, and the unbelievably huge grin on my face is the result of utter shock. (Picture by Amata)


3 thoughts on “In which, the unexpected happens.”

  1. Wow, I love your interpretation of this one – the extensions of the design from the originals are just beautiful.
    I also like your choice to do the “seam” up the side instead of down the back – I assume that’s the inside, which would make it less noticeable.
    Pretty cool – you deserve that win 🙂

    1. Thanks, Taryn! The existing stockings are actually “seamed” up the sides too. I have a suspicion that the back seam of European socks comes out of the sewn medieval hose.

  2. Milady, you give me hope. In Trimaris, I have been known to comment that what is the point of my entering knitting into an artsci, since it would never win next to a piece of calligraphy, illumination, or some other more “accepted” medieval art. I will keep my chin up and think of your victory, and ask you to come join me on fb. I started a Historical Knitting group, and would love your input and to correspond with you. In service to the dream, and thank you for the lovely inspiration…Melina Jolisyeux (mka Jonelle Butler)

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